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A shameless plug

Well here I go I am just going to jump head first into this. So I am just going to type my top 5 list and then move on from there later on down the road I suppose

1. Haunted By: Chuck Palahniuk
It was just amazing and is just the best book I have ever read, just the raw human emotion and nature in it was just astounding and found me laughing at time when normal people wouldn't have laughed at.

2. A Game of Thrones By: George R. R. Martin
Great starter book with the A Song of Ice and Fire, you begin to love the characters within the first few pages and Martin is a great writer.

3. Eye of the World By: Robert Jordon
This was when the Wheel of Time series was good.

4. Invisible Monster By: Chuck Palahniuk
Once again the just raw human nature in this book was amazing.

5. Golden Compass By: Philip Pullman
Lyra is one of my favorite characters, and favorite heroins I recommend this book and series

honorable mention

Ender's Game

I also warn you that I have a ton of books that I am meaning to read so some of those might change but more then likely they will not, thank you
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